Biggleswade Site closed During March 2015

Due to essential maintenance we are closing the Biggleswade site until the end of March.  

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Site closed from Tuesday 3rd Feb until Monday 9th Feb

 Our site at Biggleswade will be closed due to essential maintenance from Tuesday 3rd Feb & will be back open on Monday 9th Feb.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Kind Regards,  UKLF

Think you have a possible site & want to know more?

To provide the best chance of obtaining a planning permission for applications, we have compiled a professional team who have considerable experience in gaining the correct planning required for the sites. Whether it is a bund around a golf course, a bund to stop noise pollution, constructing a lake, redesigning

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Facebook coming soon

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Biggleswade Action Shots

Just some action shots from our site at Biggleswade! They boys are doing a fabulous job of keeping the site clear & clean to make tipping as speedy & easy as possible. The bund around the golf course looks awesome, very important to keep balls in their place! 

1 Week Closure – Essential Maintenance

Our site at Biggleswade will be closed for 1 week from the 9th June 2014 for one week. The site will reopen on the 16th June 2014 Sorry for any inconvenience UKLF  


We are actively seeking new sites with excellent earning potential. Please contact the office on 01438 840264 for more information

Site contact – Biggleswade

To contact our Biggleswade site please call 01767 600771 to book in loads. The booking in service is available up to 3pm for next day tipping.

The sun is shining :-)

Thank heavens it appears to have stopped raining! I hope you like the new site. We are going to utilize this blog as much as possible to inform customers of our latest news & goings on. UKLF